John Innes Park, Merton


The band played near the bandstand (the bandstand is very ornate but far too small to fit a full brass band!) in John Innes Park in Merton on the 29th of June. This park was the garden of a nearby Manor House and it was bequethed to the people of Merton by John Innes, whose horicultural institute went on to develop a range of composts.

There was a very good sized audience who came with picnics to enjoy the annual “Music in the Park” event. Solos included Beryl McMillan playing Concerto de Arenjuez on Flugel and Jeff Bamber playing The Power of Love on Horn. Trombones featured in The Bold Gendarmes and front row cornets featured in Buglars Holiday. The band was led by Marc Edwards as our Musical Director was unable to attend this engagment. The weather was a complete contrast to our previous engagement – warm and sunny!