Entertainment Contest 2014

The band played at the annual scaba Entertainment contest at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley on Sunday 18th May. This contest is judged on music, presentation and entertainment value – which could just be about the music but can also include things like standing up or swaying to the music.

The band played 3 pieces; Music For The Royal Fireworks, To Music (featuring Kelvin Yendall on cornet) and Heykens Serenade. Heykens Serenade is a piece of music that is played in four different styles, including a rendition of it as if it were on a gramaphone – this includes winding the gramaphone up at the start, speeding up and slowing erratically in the middle where it requires it to be wound up again and also a section where the needle gets stuck!

Unfortunately we didn’t return with any prizes this year but the competition marks the end on the contest season for us until it starts again in the Autumn.