Bandsman of the Year

The Bob Todd Cornet is awarded to the band member who, in the opinion of the band committee, has made the greatest contribution to the band over the previous year, whether it be as a player or as an organiser.

The ornately engraved cornet is thought to be over 100 years old and is presented in an beautiful oak case to the Bandsman of the Year at the Autumn concert.


2019 Joe Smith
2018 Mat Baker
2017 Julie Beaven
2016 Pat Steele
2015 Dan Barnes
2014 Brian Haynes
2013 Beryl McMillan
2012 Wesley Johnson
2011 Darren Abbott
2010 Roy Atkin
2009 Simon Bristow
2008 Tom Dowthwaite
2007 Geoff Charles-Edwards
2006 Roy Atkin & Reg Cameron
2005 Paul Bradshaw
2004 Tony Ranger
2003 Christian Wolters
2002 Ruth Smith
2001 Colin Ball
2000 Tim Lovett
1999 Patrick & Tim Bamber
1998 Bob Compton
1997 Sandra Gibson
1996 Tony Ranger
1994 Brian Urwin